Tonnies for Terry

From September 12th-25th we will be collecting “Toonies for Terry”.  The students are encouraged to bring in their toonies (although all amounts of money are accepted) to help with our fundraising goal.  Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated and donations of $20.00 or more will be receipted.  If your donation is $20 or more, please return the money in an envelope with the donor’s full name and address and we will fill out the pledge form for the receipt.  Cheques and cash are both accepted.  Cheques can be made payable to The Terry Fox Foundation. All money must be handed in by September 25th.


Another way to support The Terry Fox Foundation is by donating online. It’s fast, easy and donors get a receipt immediately by email.  Simply click: that will take you directly to our school fundraising page on the Terry Fox Foundation website.


Your Terry Fox Organizing Committee

Mme Gardiner, Mme Clements, Mme Speers