Protecting Our Children from Online Self-Peer Exploitation

Our school resource officer, Constable Andree Sieber, came by on October 12th to talk to our Grade 6, Grade 7, and Grade 8 students about the importance of protecting themselves from child exploitation on the internet.  The presentation also focused on cyber-bullying and consent, self and peer exploitation, and sexting. These are all too common for many students in this age group. The following link provide very useful information for parents/ guardians to help you talk with your child and help them protect themselves from internet exploitation and make wise choices before posting pictures of themselves or others online.

While the Internet can be an incredible social and educational tool, children’s online safety depends on parents/guardians taking a proactive approach to help protect their children from online sexual exploitation. As children grow and the Internet evolves, the activities children undertake online change as well. As it can be difficult to keep up with online developments, is committed to providing the public with current and age-appropriate information and resources to help educate Canadians about how to keep children safe while online.

Please take the time to visit this link HERE.  A Resource Guide for families is available.  There are also two information sections for parents:  

Internet Safety Resources for Children 11 years of age or under

Internet Safety Resources for Children 12 years of age and older