Welcome to our School Community Council (SCC) information page.

What is the role of the École Wilfrid Walker SCC?

Our role is to encourage active involvement in school activities and projects by our school community. Additionally, our SCC works to identify ways to support the school principal and school staff in advancing the school’s Strategic Plan and enhancing the educational experiences for our children. We also assist in encouraging the growth of our school community.

Help us make a positive difference in the École Wilfrid Walker community and enrich young lives. Any parent/guardian of pupils attending the school for which the individual wishes to serve or any community member who lives within a school’s attendance area may serve on the SCC. If you would like more information, or if you have any questions, please contact the SCC at


Your 2021/2022 SCC Executive

Elected Voting Members (Elected members will include no more than NINE and no fewer that FIVE individuals. )
  First Name Last Name Role
Elected Member 1 - Chair Jeff Schafer Parent
Elected Member 2 - Vice-Chair Phoebe DeCiman Parent
Elected Member 3 - Treasurer Osman Saban Parent
Elected Member 4 - Secretary Hilary Hayduk Parent
Elected Member 5 Crystal Mitchell Parent
Elected Member 6 Kelsie Neilson Parent
Elected Member 7 Danielle Ward Parent
Elected Member 8 Alyssa Beisel Parent
Elected Member 9 Chad Cunningham Parent
Appointed Voting Members (Appointed members can include no more than one less the number of elected members. High schools need to include minimum of one and maximum of two students. Please identify students on the list below.)
  First Name Last Name Role
Appointed Member 1  Sarah Swalm Parent
Appointed Member 2  (Joy) Chong yi Zhang Parent
Appointed Member 3 Melanie Mintz Administrator
Appointed Member 4 Kelsey Panko Administrator
Appointed Member 5 Christine Greene Staff Member
Appointed Member 6 Randee  Melancon Parent
Appointed Member 7  Andrea Meagher Parent
Appointed Member 8 Colin Byas Parent

School Community Council Minutes:

AGM Minutes September 2019

2019-2020 AGM Treasurer report

Minutes from  September 21, 2020